Blog Series: Everyday Bucket List

Unfortunately I’m a creature of habit.  I have a daily routine for the most part–having two little ones will do this to you.  I get up, get the kids ready, go to work, come home, eat dinner with the family, get the kids ready for bed, spend hopefully a little bit of time with my husband before we go to bed.  Then I get up and do it all over again.  The problem with this is that it feels like I blink and a year can pass–just merely moving through the motions of life.

But this year, I decided to challenge myself to do more–to try new things.  So it’s time to mix up the normal routine and push myself into some fun and memorable adventures!

Kelly Takes On: A Year of New Adventures

Kelly Takes On: A Bite On The Wild Side

Kelly Takes On: A Climb to the Top

Kelly Takes On: My Family Tree–Part I

Kelly Takes On: 4-D

Kelly Takes On: My Family Tree–Part II…A Lovely Revelation

Kelly Takes On: My Artistic Side

Kelly Takes On: A Flash Mob!

Kelly Takes On: Zipping Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease…Or Not.

Kelly Takes On: My Family Tree–Part III…A Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Kelly Takes On: My Childhood Dream

Kelly Takes On: A Few Knights, A King, A Queen…And More

Kelly Takes On: The Open Highway

Kelly Takes On: Going Over the Edge for Kindness

Kelly Takes On: The 5 Things I Learned Going Over the Edge

Kelly Takes On: Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney in Paris

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