Kindness Continues: Behind the Scenes With a Fairy Godmother

I remember the day I found out I was going to have a little girl. I daydreamed about dressing her in little pink tutus, having pretend tea parties, playing Barbies, and decorating her room with every kind of princess accessory imaginable.

The only way to get my daughter excited to wear a tutu and tiarra?  Transform her into Princess Spidey!

Super hero meets princess.

But as my daughter grew up, it became crystal clear that she did not share these dreams…at all.  Nope. Instead, she’s obsessed with super heroes.  And pirates.  And Buzz Lightyear.  Pretty much anything that’s NOT girly, yeah–that’s what she’s into.

Case in point: one of her friends was having a princess birthday party and all the little girls were supposed to come dressed in their favorite princess outfit.  Seeing how my daughter had ZERO interest in dressing up as a princess, we had to get creative…

I’d like to present to you, PRINCESS SPIDEY!

I’m pretty sure this will be the first and the last time I see her wearing a tutu and tiara.

But here’s the thing, I LOVE that she has her own personality…that she’s her own person.  She doesn’t care what others think…she likes what she likes.  (And you will not change her mind.)

My two year old son and his favorite backpack.

The irony.

In a related note, my two year old son is also proving that he’s his own person as well.

His favorite movie right now?  Cinderella.

Go figure.

We’ve watched it a dozen times just the past month.

But there’s another reasons the words, “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” have been on my mind.

I’ve decided to add a new title to my resume: Fairy Godmother!

Yes, I am now an official “Wish Granter” for Make-A-Wish, a position that I am proud to take.

A few months ago, I completed my training.  I sat in a room with other future wish granters and learned everything about the organization, the process, and how to work with the kids.

I knew it was going to happen…it was inevitable. I thought I could keep it under control for more than five minutes.

I was wrong.  My waterworks made an appearance immediately.

The class started with a story about a little boy. 

He was just seven years old boy and was dying of leukemia.  All he wanted to do was grow up to be a police officer—to catch the bad guys.  When a group from the Department of Public Safety found out, they rallied around him, making him “officer for a day”.

He died just a few days after.

He was given a ceremony reserved for fallen officers.

Like I said, I tried to hold them back, but tears were constantly filling my eyes.  Can you blame me?

It was some of these officers that granted this wish who went on to build this organization, now granting hundreds of thousands of wishes for kids who are facing life-threatening illnesses.  (Read more about how the organization began here.)

And this is why I’m so honored to work with this organization.  I get to be a part of giving a priceless memory to a child and their family.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s better than any fairytale–this is REAL magic.

My first wish…

I was excited to get to work so earlier this winter, I signed up for my first assignment.

A little girl, (for privacy reasons, I’ll simply call her “L”) has a genetic heart defect that can cause sudden cardiac death.

She’s the same age as my daughter.  Reading her profile, I kept thinking about that: she’s the same age as my little girl.

What if this was my little girl???  My heart broke.

As a mom, I don’t care if my daughter wants to wear a Spider-Man shirt (which she would wear it EVERY DAY if I let her) or if my son loves princesses.  All I care about is that they are happy and healthy.  I couldn’t help but think about L’s mom—how hard this must be for her, watching her little girl hurt.

The profile gave me basic information about L: her age, personality, family information.  Then I read something that made me smile: she loves princesses.  Make-A-Wish recommends that we bring a small ice breaker present when we first meet the child; this gave me a rare experience: shopping in the girly aisles!

I will never forget the night I met L, the moment when I heard her little voice whisper her wish.

Want to know what she wished?  I know you do!

It’s a moment that was so incredible, it deserves a post all its own…I’ll be sharing it soon.

Until then, my wand is ready and there’s going to be some magic!

5 thoughts on “Kindness Continues: Behind the Scenes With a Fairy Godmother

    • Judy–thank you so much for the comment! I am so honored to be a part of the Make-A-Wish team! Working with L on her wish has been an incredible experience–just wait for the next chapter in the story! Thank you for all you do–you and the entire MAW team are my heroes!

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