2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #28…Is This Enough To Count?

I absolutely love the holidays.  It’s a time when we slow down, relax, and spend time with the ones we love most.

At least I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

In reality though, that’s not always the case.

The crowds, people pushing by one another, fighting over parking spots, rushing from one place to another.  Unfortunately this is how many people see the holidays.

My family and I were at the grocery store–we needed to pick up a few things for dinner and a get-together that we were hosting; however, it seemed everyone else in the city was also there.  The store was packed–it was hard to move the cart through the aisles without running into someone.

While my husband went to pick up some ingredients, I stopped by the deli section.  I was headed over to pick up a number to be helped when I saw another woman rushing over to do the same.

I was in a hurry…I had my 2 year old son sitting in cart and was trying to keep my four year old daughter close by my side.

I really just wanted to get the items on my list and get out as quickly as possible.

But I was still inspired by the woman I met just a few days before in the grocery store–the woman who let me go in line ahead of her.

“Go ahead…you can go first.”  Even though I was in a rush, I let the woman get the ticket before me.

She smiled, grabbed a ticket for her, and then handed me the next one.  “Thanks!”  IMG_6564

Leaving the store, I was thinking about another act of kindness I could do for the day–after all, this one seemed so small.  Should it even count?

And then I remembered how I felt when the woman let me go ahead of her–that small gesture was one I appreciated so much.

So I decided the answer to my question was yes–while this was one of the smallest acts of kindness I’ve completed over the 30 days, kindness is still kindness…and kindness should always count.

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