2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #26…Kindness in the Checkout Lane

There are some days during my kindness challenge when I don‘t have a plan–when I let inspiration find me, when I spend the day looking for an opportunity to help someone.

But that wasn’t supposed to be how today went.

I had a plan–for weeks I had been preparing for an act of kindness and today I was looking forward to finishing it.  I was excited; my car was packed with goodies.

There was just one problem: the people who I needed to meet with…they weren’t in today.  Nope–all gone, celebrating their annual Christmas party.

Whoops.  In all my plans, it seems I forgot one tiny, little, yet extremely important detail: calling to confirm.  To be, I didn’t honest I didn’t think it was necessary…every other day the people are there.

It seems fate was trying to tell me it had other plans for me today.

So I came up with another idea.

IMG_6559I needed to run to the grocery store after work to pick up a couple of things.  Walking in I passed a giant carousel of gift cards–a huge selection of restaurants, stores, and online retailers.  Bingo.

My new plan was to buy a card and leave it on the windshield of a car in the parking lot.  Who wouldn’t want to come out from spending tons of money on food to find that surprise waiting for them?

But turns out my gift card would leave my hand much sooner.

The grocery store was busy so I tried to find the shortest check-out line.  The woman in front of me had a full cart and was starting to load her items on the belt.  She turned around and saw me.  Shooting me a giant smile she said, “Honey–why don’t you go in front of me?  I’m not in a hurry and you only have a few things.”

It was a simple act of kindness.

I normally wouldn’t have even considered taking her up on her offer, but now I couldn’t resist.

After I paid the cashier, I turned back around to the woman.

“Ma’am, I bought this one for you.  Thank you so much for letting me go ahead of you…I’m in a hurry, and that was so nice.”

And then there was screaming.  And tears.  Yes, I made the woman cry.  It was as if I told her she hit the lottery.  It’s funny how a simple gift card to Starbucks can change someone’s day.

“Are you serious?  I can’t believe this!  Thank you!  Can I give you a hug?”

So in the middle of the checkout aisle, fate had me hugging a total stranger.  The cashier also gasped, “That was awesome!”  People were now looking–wanting to know what was going on.

One act of kindness, turned into two acts of kindness, turned into a total scene!

Sometimes we think we have everything planned out…but in the end, it’s often when things don’t work out the way we expect that can create the best moments.

4 thoughts on “2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #26…Kindness in the Checkout Lane

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