2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #25…”EZ” Does It!

As a kid, the only things you should be worried about is how to score your next cookie and toy.  But unfortunately, for many kids…they have real worries, real fears.

One afternoon I was driving back to the office from lunch and my cell phone rang: it was my mom.  Within a few minutes of talking to her I had to pull the car over–I was crying.  My step-dad’s nephew just got horrible news: their son, Ezekiel (aka:EZ) was just diagnosed with a rare cancer.  The doctors were already giving estimates on how much time they should expect.  EZ is seven years old.

The family was shattered, my heart literally hurt for them.

I think every parent can try to put themselves in their shoes and imagine how you would feel if that was your child.  Just the thought scares me to death.  It’s a horrible reminder of how life can change forever in just one moment.

But it turns out this wasn’t the end of the story…the family was about to get a Christmas miracle.

A week later, the family received a call from the hospital’s specialists…there was an error, a mistake in the diagnosis.  They explained that EZ actually has Histiocytosis, a cancer-like tumor that is still very dangerous, but treatable.

And now there was another flood of tears…but this time, happy ones.

Little EZ still has a long road ahead of him–he just began chemotherapy and will likely be in treatment for about a year.

And while the family is obviously ecstatic, they are also facing some real financial challenges.  The mom, who was a waitress, had to quit her job to care for EZ and be able to take him to all his doctor appointments.  The dad works in manufacturing and had used all of his vacation days staying with EZ–now any time off would be unpaid.  In addition to EZ, they have two other little kids…and bills were adding up fast.

Merry Christmas, EZ!

Merry Christmas, EZ!

So it was time for some “elves” to step in for some more Christmas magic.

Over the past few weeks, I had a food drive at my work–and was overwhelmed with the two huge boxes of food that my co-workers donated.  (But then again, I already told you about the incredible generosity of my company!)  In addition, we got their Christmas wish list and divided it up to ensure that family would have the best Christmas ever.

And tonight was the night we got to deliver the loot.

We wore Santa hats…and that’s exactly how we felt.  We packed their house with Christmas cheer–hot chocolate, tons of presents, oodles of food.  We even sang Christmas carols.

The family has been saying a slogan: EZ Does It!  It’s supposed to be a mantra of encouragement…believing that he will beat this condition.

But I believe it’s actually so much more….

“EZ Does It”…reminding all of us that miracles really do happen.

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