2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #23…A Redbox Surprise

Once upon a time, a girl met a boy and they fell in love.  They went on all kinds of adventures together–road trips, nights at the theater, fancy restaurants, long walks.  Life was good.

Fast forward a decade.

The girl and boy are still in love and life is still good…but life is now very different.

They still had adventures…just now instead of the theater, live “entertainment” is now defined as seeing Chuck-E-Cheese.  Their long walks are now pushing strollers through the zoo and children’s amusement parks.  They no longer spend time in fancy restaurants–they’re currently considered regulars at  Skyline Chili’s “kids eat free nights”.

Like I said, still good…but definitely different.

When my husband and I were dating, and even when we were first married, I could always count on an exciting weekend date; however, two kids later…our date nights also look very different.  Basically our routine is a family dinner, we give the kids a bath, read stories, and get them to bed by 8 o’clock.  A movie on our couch is about as normally as exciting as it gets now.  And as odd as it may sound, I love our date nights at home.  Open a bottle of wine, enjoy some snacks, cuddle on the couch–what’s not to love?

Surprise: Fun goodies for a movie night in!

Surprise: Fun goodies for a movie night in!

And while so much has changed with our dates, one thing has remained constant ever since our first…the hubs still loves to make fun of my horrible taste in movies!  (Read about our first date here.)

So today I thought I’d surprise someone who was also planning for a quiet night in: I had a random act of kindness attack on a Redbox!  I stuffed a couple of cute popcorn containers with all the necessities:  movie theater butter popcorn and tons of candy.

I left a simple note in the containers…then I left!

I have no idea who found my little treasure; when I drove by a few hours later to check, it was gone!

Whoever it was, I hope they not only enjoyed a great movie, but also found a little inspiration of Christmas magic and fun.

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