2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #20…My Five Minute Undercover Mission

It’s Saturday night, and unfortunately it’s not a very merry one at my house. After the meltdown of all meltdowns from my four year old, we had to change our plans for fun and instead implement tough love with a night at home.  Oh, the joys of parenthood.  These are the moments when I start to wonder if I’m doing a good job as a mom.

I had a few errands that I needed to run, so I headed out alone for a few minutes while the hubs held down the fort.  I knew my escape from Miss Temper Tantrum would need to be quick–my husband is good, but non-stop crying can drive anyone crazy.

IMG_6488IMG_6489I pulled into the parking lot of a “dollar store” and was on a mission: hide dollar bills throughout the store to surprise shoppers.

IMG_6491But here were my two catches…

  • Catch #1: The store was busy–shoppers were everywhere, but I didn’t want anyone to see me hiding the money.  I had to be sneaky…I had to find empty aisles or spots in the store where no one was looking.
  • Catch #2: I gave myself a five minute time limit to complete my “challenge”–no time for dillydallying.

This is probably as close as I’ll ever feel to an undercover secret agent…and it actually made this act of kindness even more fun.

$5 in 5 minutes. 

IMG_6492IMG_6493So where did I hide my loot?

My kids weren’t with me, but they were with me in spirit…I hid a dollar by a dinosaur book that I know my son would love and one with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art set in honor of my cranky daughter.  🙂  Another I put in a Christmas stocking, one in the middle of some wrapping paper, and the last on a toy monkey.

While I know it’s not much, I hope that the lucky shoppers who find my George Washington’s will smile and enjoy a little Christmas fun.

And as for me, not only did this act of kindness put me back in the Christmas mood, but my night got much better afterwards…my little monster was very sorry about her behavior and I had a lower lip curled apology and lots of cuddles waiting for me when I got home.  And these are the moments when I smile and think to myself, “I must be doing something right.”


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