2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #18…Answering the Bell

I’m away on a business trip and still feeling homesick.  What’s a girl to do to make herself feel better?  Easy: retail therapy.

My hotel’s shuttle dropped me off at the mall so I could get some dinner and do a little Christmas shopping.

A few hours later, I was ready to head back to the hotel, but the shuttle was running late–awesome.

By this time my feet hurt, I was exhausted, and I just wanted to curl and go to sleep before my very early wake up call in the morning.

I stood in the mall’s entrance and waited for about 15 minutes.

But luckily I had some company.

A man was standing outside ringing the iconic Salvation Army bell.  I watched as he greeted every single shopper that walked his way.  He rushed to open the door and even helped one woman with her shopping bags.  He smiled at the little kids and made small talk to people as they passed by.

His cheer was contagious.  People couldn’t help but smile back at him…myself included.

Tonight’s act of kindness was very small, but it felt good to wish him a merry Christmas as I pulled out some bills and put it in the red kettle.

Who needs retail therapy?  Turns out simple kindness is even more powerful to changing your mood and lifting your spirit.





2 thoughts on “2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #18…Answering the Bell

  1. NO PICTURE?!!! I speak for all your “followers”, this is a First! Another great idea for all of us to remember as we shop this season.

    Welcome Home, Funny Girl – love you, Mom

    • Trust me…I thought asking the shuttle driver to turn around so I could go back and get a picture when I realized I forgot to take one! It’s a mistake I don’t plan on making again! 🙂

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