2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #16…A BIG Christmas Delivery

While there are moments when I wonder if I am really able to make a difference in the world as a Marketing Director, the truth is…I love my job (at least most days).  In fact, on a fairly regular basis, my team and I will smile to each other and say, “Can you believe we actually get paid to do this?!” 

A wall of wishes...

A wall of wishes…

How many people do you know who go to work to create a mock music video of “What does the fox say?”.  Yep–this is currently an item on our to-do list and thanks to my team, I now have this song permanently burned in my brain.  Or make an online game where players can cure a little monster by shooting medicine in its mouth?  This is our world.

We laugh everyday…we get to be creative…in the end, we work hard and are proud of what we’re able to deliver.

But above all of the cool projects that we lead, managing our corporate social responsibility programs are by far my favorite.

And today was the day I had been waiting for!

For weeks we had been planning, writing emails, finalizing details…and now we were going to see all the effort pay off.

Since I formed a relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters earlier this year, I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in partnering with my company this Christmas to help some little kids.  This was a great way for me to still support BBBS without having to repel down 29 stories!  They loved the idea!  So our team starting working closely with their team…and together we created a truly amazing Christmas program.

IMG_4380Here’s what we did…

  • The Big Brothers Big Sisters team hand picked nearly 30 kids who they knew could use a little extra Christmas magic this year.
  • Our team created a “BIG” Christmas wall–with a picture of each child, a little background information about them, and then two tags–one for their Christmas wish and another for a stocking.
  • Employees could either buy a gift or stuff a stocking…or adopt a child and do both.

After five years of managing our Christmas program, it never fails: I am always overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of my co-workers.

Every child’s wish was granted.

And today we delivered the gifts to the Big Brothers Big Sisters team.

The workers were in shock when they saw the gigantic pile of gifts!  We stood there and it was as if we watched a group of adults instantly become kids again!  They couldn’t help themselves–they were peeking in bags, asking about the presents.  They know the kids who will be receiving these gifts…they know how much they’re going to mean to them.

The room was filled with Christmas magic.  And it’s just the beginning…I can’t wait to hear how the kids react when they open the gifts!

I can’t believe I get paid to do this…yes, these words were repeated over and over in my head yesterday.

Can Marketing make a difference?  Thanks to the compassion and generosity of the people I work with, I know there are 30 kids that will answer yes.

Merry Christmas delivered!

Merry Christmas delivered!

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