2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #12…You’ve Got Mail

Growing up, I went to camp every summer.  Of all the activities we did–singing by the campfire, spending the afternoon swimming, playing team sports, without fail one of the biggest highlights of the day was mail call.  During lunch, the camp director would stand in front of the room and start passing out all the letters–calling the names of each person who received a letter.  But there was a catch…the more mail you got, the more embarrassing things you had to do to get it.

Do the hula, act like a chicken…the lunch room would be filled with laughs watching as names were called to pick up their deliveries.  And as much as my stomach would turn with butterflies with the thought of this public humiliation, I still always sat on the edge of my seat, hoping my name would be called.  Because getting mail meant that someone cared about you, someone was thinking about you, someone thought you were special.

Even now when I get a fun letter or card in the mail, I find myself having that same childlike excitement.  Baby announcements, wedding invitations, thank you cards…I love them all.

So when I read about Lucas I knew I wanted to help.

This morning I woke up and turned on the news…ice had taken over the roads and six to eight inches were scheduled to join the fun.  Snow day!

While my husband’s work was officially closed, I was still on the clock–luckily I have flexibility to work from home when needed, and I was relieved to be able to take advantage of that today.

But by late afternoon, my house was suffering from a bit of cabin fever.  Looking outside the window it was so peaceful–snow was falling, covering the trees…the roads were quiet.  But inside my house was another story.  My kids were literally running circles in my living room screaming at the top of their lungs.  Lego’s had taken over my living room floor.

Action needed to be taken; my husband and I were starting to go crazy.

And then I remembered Lucas.

My little artists spreading holiday cheer.

My little artists spreading holiday cheer.

I asked my kiddos if they wanted to help–we needed to do a very important art project.

My daughter, the art lover extreme, immediately was in…and my son quickly followed.  Not only was I excited about the possibility of quiet for a few minutes, but I loved having them help me with acts of kindness as well.

So I told them a little bit about Lucas.

Lucas is a 14 year old boy with spinal muscular atrophy.  While he can’t talk or move, he loves reading mail.  The local news ran a story asking people to help spread the holiday cheer.

And this is what I love about kindness–it spreads so quickly .  This story showed up all over my Facebook feed and one of my friend’s already responded to the request.  (Be sure to read her story about it too!)

Holiday cheer delivered!

Holiday cheer delivered!

I picked up some Christmas cards and got out our crayons and markers.  I sat my two little people down at the table and they went to town!  Drawing a snowman, rainbow, flower, happy face, and some colorful scribbles, they created the merriest Christmas cards I’ve ever seen.

I do believe that often it’s the littlest things that can bring the most joy.  I hope that when Lucas opens our cards, he feels the same way I did when I was at camp–that someone is thinking about him and cares about him.  Merry Christmas, Lucas!

P.S. If you’d like to send Lucas some mail or would like to read more about his story, check out the full article here.

Very proud of their masterpieces for Lucas.

Very proud of their masterpieces for Lucas.

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