2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #11…A Bear of a Day

One act of kindness…three people helped. 

Now even I know, that’s good math.

I had a ton of errands to run during my lunch hour, including a stop in at my favorite jewelry store.  I needed to pick up a ring that was repaired…but I had more business to do there today.

A very powerful little teddy bear.

A very powerful little teddy bear.

See, Helzberg Diamonds sells more than fabulous jewelry–they also sell very special teddy bears.  Their “I am Loved” bears are a staple stocked all throughout the store during the holidays.  Not only are they adorable, but a portion of every sale goes to the Make a Wish Foundation, an organization that I love.

I walked in and found the manager, Carol, my jewelry savior who has helped me more times than I could count when it comes to my bling.

And then I recruited her to help me with my act of kindness.

After working countless hours at the store, Carol was counting down till when her shift was up: like I mentioned before, working retail during the holidays is not for the faint of heart.

But something happened to Carol when I asked her to be part of my act of kindness–she literally lit up.  She was so excited, her mood changed instantly.  A giant smile took over her entire face–her day just went from ordinary, to one that was going to be special.  That’s the thing about kindness…people can’t help but be changed by it.

So here was my plan…

My partner in crime for today's kindness!

My partner in crime for today’s kindness!

I bought one of the “I am Loved” teddy bears, but then immediately handed it back to Carol.  I asked her if she would stay on the look out and pick someone to give it to.  A kid coming in the store with their parents?  A man preparing to propose?  I told her it was completely up to her…I just asked that she send me a message later and let me know who she chose.

Carol got to be a little Santa Claus.

And my plan for kindness did not disappoint.  I knew Carol would find just the right person to help…and she did.

Later that afternoon, a new message hit my inbox…


Your special bear went to a lady who came in today who just had to put her very special 16 year old puppy to sleep. She was having a really sad day and really needed to “feel loved”!

As a huge animal lover, this message brought tears to my eyes.  I could only imagine how this woman was feeling today.  And the fact that I was able to indirectly make this woman feel better, even in a small way, made me feel so incredibly happy.

Who knew one little teddy bear could help so many people?  It transformed a jewelery store manager into Santa, helped comfort a woman who no doubt shed many tears today, and will also help make a dream come true for a little kid.

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