2013 Christmas Challenge: Day #7…Say Cheese

After yesterday’s disaster, I was anxious to make it up to my family and finally get to the zoo to ooh and awe over the animals and all of the twinkling Christmas lights.

It’s hard to explain just how incredibly beautiful The Festival of Lights really is–nearly every inch of the zoo is covered in bows, special Christmas displays, and obviously lights.  The kids love it…and so do I.

And as soon as we step inside and take in all of the eye candy, I instinctively want to do one thing: grab my camera.

I am by no means a professional photographer…I just love taking pictures–especially of my kids.  And this magical lit wonderland is the perfect backdrop to capture the magic of my two little cuties.

What taking pictures of my kids normally looks like.

What taking pictures of my kids normally looks like.

I have visions in my head of how the pictures will turn out–capturing their adorable faces and showing all of the fun we’re having as a family.

But that’s not normally how it goes.

Keeping the attention of a four year old and a two year old is next to impossible.  Getting them both to not only look at the camera and smile and be close enough to each other so I can get them both in the frame and to hold still long enough for the click…yeah, I’m kidding myself.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

My husband has learned to just step back until the crazy picture lady is satisfied.

You’ll often find me crouched on the ground, trying to get my kids to look at me, to stand where I want them, to smile at just the right time.  It’s exhausting and in honestly, it rarely works out.  But I can’t resist–I absolutely love the pictures.

But that’s not the end of my list for perfect-picture challenges.  Challenge #2 is getting a picture of my entire family.  It’s normally me taking the pictures–years from now there’s not going to be any photographic evidence that I was actually with my kids.  To avoid this, every once in a while I’ll hand the camera over to the hubs to get a picture of me and our little people–but that’s just three of our four.

3 out of 4: 75% or a C grade.

3 out of 4: 75% or a C grade.

But what I really want is all four.  I want pictures of our entire family.

And then walking around the zoo surrounded by all the lights, I found an opportunity for kindness.

Up in front of us,  I noticed a family posing for a picture.  Well, most of the family.

The wife and kids were standing next to each other, all smiles, and there was the dad–standing back, holding the camera.

“Would you like me to take the picture for you so you can be in it too?”

The man smiled and happily accepted my offer.

I took the camera and watched the family–arms around each other, all smiling

“Say cheese!”, I yelled…and they all did.

“Thank you so much!”

This was such a small gesture, but as someone who really values pictures, it was actually priceless.  Christmas is about family and creating memories.  Years from now, they’ll be able to look back and remember this day…and see their entire family there together; I’m glad that I was the person who could give them this gift.

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