Ideas and Inspiration for Acts of Kindness

Kindness has the power to make every day feel like Christmas.

Kindness has the power to make every day feel like Christmas.

Want to help others and make a difference, but need some ideas to get you started?  Look no further!  Below is a list of some of the acts of kindness that I’ve completed; I hope you become inspired and share your kindness ideas with me as well!

Ideas and Inspiration for Acts of Kindness:

  1. Serve a meal at your local homeless shelter.
  2. Left a gift in a neighbor’s mailbox with a card.
  3. Surprise a loved one by sending flowers.
  4. Leave quarters in candy machines to surprise kids.
  5. Bring dessert to your local fire station.
  6. Post coupons near items in the grocery store and give coupons away that you’re not able to use.
  7. Donate your old shoes.
  8. Contact your favorite childhood teacher and tell them how much they meant to you.
  9. Support a local charity.
  10. Drop off treats at a local pet shelter.
  11. Give a gift card to a stranger.
  12. Compliment your server to their manager.
  13. Pack lunches for the homeless.
  14. Pay for meal behind you in a drive thru.
  15. Buy non-perishables at the grocery store and donate them to the food bank.
  16. Post items for free on Craig’s List.
  17. Give a gift to a family in need.
  18. Go to a retirement home and spend time visiting with a lonely resident.
  19. Throw a surprise party at your favorite retail store.
  20. Cook dinner for a friend.
  21. Leave dollar bills in library books with the challenge to “Pay it Forward”.
  22. Leave a gift basket for family with a loved one in the ICU.
  23. Bring hot coffee for people who have to work outside.
  24. Say “yes” when a retail store asks if you’d like to add $1 to your bill for a charity donation.
  25. Buy dinner for a stranger.
  26. Volunteer for an event to help our military and send a care package to a solider overseas.
  27. Leave bottled water and a thank you note for trash collectors.
  28. Sing carols at a retirement home.
  29. Visit Santa at the mall and leave him a gift card.
  30. Surprise random shoppers with gift cards.
  31. Donate old items to Goodwill.
  32. Donate stuffed animals to police station and bring them donuts.
  33. Give a gift card to a gas station worker.
  34. Throw a surprise party for a class of special needs children.
  35. Volunteer with a charity you believe in.
  36. Participate in a 5k that’s raising money for a cause.
  37. Raise money for a charity you’re passionate about.
  38. Search social media for ways you can support business’ giving programs.
  39. Leave blankets and gloves at a bus stop on a cold night.
  40. Help your local food bank distribute food to the needy.
  41. Wait tables at a restaurant that’s focused on helping others.
  42. Surprise retail workers with energy drinks, candy, and lottery tickets.
  43. Treat little kids to a train ride.
  44. Buy dinner as a thank you to someone who did something nice for you.
  45. Take a picture for a family.
  46. Write a letter to someone who you love.
  47. Put your professional expertise to work for a good cause.
  48. Donate blood.

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