Kindness Continues: Eating for Charity–Part 1

Like most people, I LOVE food (that is, except for sushi…but that’s a whole other story).  However, it may be possible I have a little too much love for it.  Let’s just say I’m still working on losing all of my baby weight from my son.  He’ll be turning two in a couple of months.  ‘Nuff said.

I mean let’s be serious, why must steak and ice cream be so delicious–am I right?  Factor in having a husband who loves to cook and my house constantly filled with my favorite desserts, and watching what I eat is basically mission impossible.

I wish I could have just one day where I could eat anything I wanted…guilt-free.  Zero regrets.

Well, earlier this summer, my wish actually came true.

How did I pull off this little miracle?

I committed to raise $1,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  So in an effort to help me go “Over the Edge“, I organized a fund raising event with my local Chili’s.  On this day, Chili’s would donate 10% of all food orders to Big Brothers Big Sisters on my behalf.  In other words, the more food you ordered, the more money the charity would get.  Now this is my kind of challenge.

My job was to get as many people as possible to Chili’s that day…luckily I was able to recruit some great help.

  • Another mom at my kids’ daycare is also a blogger…a food blogger, in fact.  Bingo!  Thank you, Bethany, for writing about Chili’s and helping me promote this event!  (By the way, do you ever want to know where you should go out to eat?  You need to check out the restaurant reviews on her blog…especially if you like cheeseburgers!  She’s got great stories about parenthood and recipes, too.)
  • Did you know I’m friends with a local celebrity?  Katie–you rock as Dayton’s CW Star!  Thank you so much for tweeting and posting for me!
  • So many friends and family members also helped me spread the word–sharing my status, encouraging their friends and family members to go.  Thank you all!
  • Some others helped me the old fashioned way.  My mom passed out flyers at nearby hotels.  One of the women I work with drove around the city with me (on a very rainy day) dropping off more flyers to local businesses.  Thank you, Nicole!

One thing I learned from my 30 Day Christmas Challenge is that people WANT to help…if you just ask.  And this was another great example of that.  I was overwhelmed with the generosity and support.

And I did have one very cool extra ace in the hole that day as well…a little perk of my job.  As the Marketing Director for an IT company, I get to manage a lot of really cool projects, including our employee programs.  And it just so happened that I had two programs going on at this time: A Slim Down Challenge (our version of the Biggest Loser) and our Summer of Service (a program dedicated to giving back to charities).  And as the leader of these two program, I decided that we needed to have a team lunch to celebrate both.  And where should I order the food?  Hmmmm….I think Chili’s!  Yep, before Chili’s even opened, I was there picking up a catering order for 70 people.  Not a bad start to fund raising!

Chili's stopped by my office to personally drop off my check for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Chili’s stopped by my office to personally drop off my check for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

So now the important question: How much was I able to raise?  Drum roll, please.  Grand total for the day: $105.77.  (In other words, we sent nearly $1, 060 to Chili’s that day.)  I can honestly say that I worked really hard for every dollar of this total…and I’m proud of that.  While I’m lucky to have generous friends and family to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters to help me reach my fund raising goal, I think it’s very important that I do more than just ask for donations.  I need to work for this.  I want to do everything I can to raise as much money as possible.  And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Sure, the calories still counted that day, but each bite was for a good cause…and I have no guilt about that!

The best part?  This is just the beginning.  I hope to have even more exciting updates to share soon.

(Want to help me reach my fund raising goal?  Check out my donation page.)

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