Kelly Takes On: A Flash Mob!

A marriage that may have started with a few “mis-steps”, but with a lot of laughter…

My husband and I were engaged for nearly a year and a half before walking down the aisle to officially say “I do.”  And like most engaged couples, we had so much fun planning our perfect wedding.  We thought we had it all covered: the music, the food, the venue…we’d spent months thinking through every last detail.  However, there was one little area that I overlooked: the fact that I’m a complete klutz.

As a gift, my mom bought us something I knew I desperately needed: dance lessons.  After all, I wanted our first dance to be memorable…and as someone who seemed to be born with two left feet, I knew I needed all the professional help I could get!

Our dance lessons became some of our favorite dates.  While I was trying to concentrate and learn the steps to the Fox Trot, we couldn’t help but smile and laugh–knowing we likely looked ridiculous.  Eventually though, we got it.  I don’t think anyone would mistake us for Fred and Ginger, but we finally found our groove and were ready to wow our guests at the wedding reception.

Well, you know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for…you just may get it“?  I wanted a memorable first dance…and I got it!

When my husband and I stepped out on the dance floor, everyone stopped and all eyes turned to watch.  But then two unexpected things happened to me.  First, I realized that dancing in a large ball gown is next to impossible.  I’m serious.  Ball gowns weigh a ton–no one warned me of this.  I kept stepping on my dress, nearly falling down every time I tried to move.  And second, I forgot ALL the dance steps!  For some reason all the excitement and emotions of the day had completely erased months and months of practicing.  Want to know what my new husband and I talked about during our first dance?  Three little words were repeated over and over….”One, two, three.  One, two, three.”  Yep, we spent our time on the dance floor counting steps.  Six years later, the two of us still laugh about it..and my lack of dancing ability.

Eventually I gave up and just held up my dress to avoid tripping on it!  Fun fact...our first dance was to the song "Question" by the Old 97s.  Check out the lyrics if you want to hear the story of Mike's proposal.

Eventually I gave up and just held up my dress to avoid tripping on it! Fun fact…our first dance was to the song “Question” by the Old 97s. Check out the lyrics if you want to hear the story of Mike’s proposal.  I swear the band wrote this song just for us.

Side note: I’d like to say that nearly tripping on my dress during our first dance was my only “mis-step” on our wedding day.  It wasn’t.

  • After the priest (my husband’s uncle) pronounced us “man and wife“, we made our way back up the aisle to leave the church.  Unfortunately though, I only made it a few steps.  As all our guests were smiling and clapping, celebrating our new wedded bliss, my foot somehow got caught under my dress. Luckily my hubby has good reflexes and stopped me from doing a complete face plant down the center of the aisle.  Gracefulness…it’s obviously one of my best qualities!
  • Cutting the cake–another “special” moment that we won’t forget.  In my defense, the hubs: he’s a bit of a jokester.  So I didn’t fully trust him to nicely “feed” me wedding cake.  I had visions of him tricking me, quickly smashing it all over my face and laughing hysterically at me covered in icing.  I wasn’t gong to let that happen.  So, when he had the bite of cake in his hand…and I saw the devilish smile on his face, I followed my first instinct: I stepped backwards.  What I failed to remember was that we were up on a small stage.  When I stepped backwards, I started to fall.  Again, thank goodness my groom was there and quickly grabbed my arm to catch me.

And that’s one thing about my husband that’s he’s proven right from the start: I know that no matter what, he’ll be there…ready to catch me if I fall.

First duty as my husband: hold up my dress so I can walk!  This is me after nearly falling down walking out of the church after the ceremony.

First duty as my husband: hold up my dress so I can walk! This is me after nearly falling down walking out of the church after the ceremony.

Yep...close call #3.  Falling off the platform cutting our cake.

Yep…close call #3. Falling off the platform cutting our cake.

And while I do wish that I had a bit more grace and just better coordination overall, looking back, I love these little unplanned “mis-steps”from my wedding day–they’re little moments that my husband and I will always remember and laugh about together.

A mob of fun…

Now, while I know I’m not good at dancing…I still love it!  So I nearly screamed with excitement when I found out about the opportunity to dance with hundreds of other people.  I have two words for you: FLASH MOB!

I’m not sure I can really put into words how pumped I was when I found out that there was a flash mob being planned…and that I could be a part of it.

For five weeks, my mom and I went to “rehearsal”–trying to learn the moves to these three songs for the flash mob.  It was deja vu…it felt like I was right back in the dance lessons before my wedding, tripping over my own feet and feeling like the most uncoordinated person in the room.

I’d go home and “show off” my new moves to my husband.  His reaction to my awesome hip shakes?  A blank stare and look of complete confusion.  Yep, that’s about what I expected.

Then the moment of truth finally arrived.  The plan:

  • Everyone was supposed to meet at this outdoor shopping plaza in the afternoon.
  • We were told to dress in the brightest clothes we could find.
  • And when the music started playing, two hundred crazy Zumba people were going to run out to the middle of the area and start dancing!

It. was. awesome.  So much fun!

When the music started playing, everyone ran as fast as they could and the flash mob was on!  It looked like a “packet of skittles exploded”!  It lasted about 15 minutes and I think I was laughing and smiling for every second.

Bucket list item: Participate in a flash mob.  CHECK!

Bucket list item: Participate in a flash mob. CHECK!

In the middle of a "mob" of fun!

In the middle of a “mob” of fun!

Did I get every step right?  Not even close.  But just like at my wedding, I realized that my “mis-steps” really didn’t matter.  What did matter was living in that moment–laughing (mostly at myself), having fun and making a fabulous memory…and that’s exactly what I did.

6 thoughts on “Kelly Takes On: A Flash Mob!

  1. Holy Cow! I just read the lyrics and it really was written for you two – that’s amazing!

    Dance like no one is watching, a good way to live your life! I love you, Mom

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