Kelly Takes On: My Artistic Side

Oh, the joys of having a four year old…

I used to think my daughter was like all other four year olds.  She’d be running around my house like a crazy person and I’d think, “She’s four…this is what all four year olds do.”  Then I went to a Mother’s Day lunch at her school and I got a whole new perspective of my daughter.  While the other kids sat at the table and calmly ate their food, my daughter couldn’t sit still for longer than a couple of minutes. Her little body needed to be moving. All. The. Time.

At one point I went to fill up our plates for lunch.  I told my daughter to stay right behind me.  I’ll let you guess how long that lasted.  I look up and there she is…literally running laps around the entire room.  I was mortified.  One of the teachers was standing next to me and just said, “She has a lot of energy.”  Yep…that’s one way to put it.  Don’t get me wrong, my daughter has a very big heart…she just has a big personality to match it!  Let’s just say if you take the energy level of a normal four year old and kick that up about a gazillion notches, THAT’S  my daughter.

And while we’re working very hard to get her to use her “listening ears” better, in the meantime, luckily I have found one secret weapon against her extreme rowdiness: Art.

For some reason, a box of crayons and a few sheets of paper have magical powers over my little lady.  She will calmly sit down and create her masterpieces, coloring and drawing happily for HOURS.  I’ll watch her in pure amazement as she carefully chooses each color and concentrates to make sure the picture is perfect.

During "circus" day at school, my daughter stopped everything she was doing to color a picture for me.  Art time = happy mom time!

During “circus” day at school, my daughter stopped everything she was doing to color a picture for me. Art time = happy mom time!  (Side note: They had face painting at her school that day…she was excited to be a tiger!)

Proudly showing off her beautiful creation!

Proudly showing off her beautiful creation!

And what I love (even as much as the quiet that it always brings), is seeing her little imagination at work.  “I’m going to color the tiger green.” Yes–I’ve always wondered what a green tiger would look like.  With art, there are no rules and you’re only limited by your creativity.

It’s very obvious to me that my daughter did not get her art skills from me.  My artistic talents pretty much stop at stick figures.

But it was time to get out of my comfort zone and embrace my inner four year old…it was time for me to paint!

Time to “Raise My Brush”…

A friend invited me to a night out at “Raise Your Brush“–a company that specializes in helping adults create art…even those like me who need A LOT of help.  If you’re not familiar with this concept, let me quickly explain.  The company has a sample painting and then they walk you through step by step how to re-create it and make it your own masterpiece.

I saw we were going to be making a painting of a whimsical tree.  What I should have done was stick to the colors they recommended, but I must have been inspired by my daughter and her green tigers…so instead, I chose my own colors.

Within seconds, I was surprised.  I initially thought I would be nervous–scared I’d make a mistake and have the ugliest tree in the room.  But instead, as soon as I picked up the paint brush, I realized how therapeutic it was.  I was calm and instantly relaxed.  There’s something about transforming a blank canvas into something all your own.

In about an hour, I was finished.  However as an art novice, I did make a fatal mistake…I never really stepped back to look at my painting as I was going.  The problem with this?  When I finally did step back to proudly review my work I realized what I created…A GIANT EASTER EGG.  That was the first thing that came to my mind.  “It looks like an Easter egg threw up all over my painting!”  I couldn’t help but laugh.

The surprise for me is that I love my Easter egg tree painting.  The best art pieces after all, are the ones that make you FEEL something.  And every time I see my painting or a green tiger from my daughter, I do feel something…I feel happy.  And to me, that makes them priceless masterpieces.

Raise your brush

Want a way to relax? Let me recommend you “raise your brush” and try painting.

My Easter egg tree masterpiece!

My Easter egg tree masterpiece!

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