Kelly Takes On: 4-D

My One Little Flaw…

My husband knows I have good taste…after all, he’s quick to point out that I chose to marry him.  Clothes, home decorating, music–I’d like to think that I’m a woman with style and class… “cool” even as a mom of two little ones. However, there’s one area of my life that my husband jokes where my taste falls way short: movies.  According to my hubs, when he vowed to love me “for better or worse”, the worse included dealing with my horrible taste in movies.  Of course I disagree with him….come one, who doesn’t love Beaches?

Unfortunately for me, my husband does have a few proof points to this claim.  Take for example, our first date.

Dinner and a movie: the classic first date.  And for us, the night started off without a hitch.  At the restaurant there was never an awkward moment; the conversation was easy and after a while I realized that my cheeks were literally hurting….actually sore from smiling so much.  (The hubs–he can be quite charming.)  After dinner, we started talking about what movie we wanted to see.  And this is when the date got interesting.

At the theater, he suggested we see Runaway Jury–a safe choice, it’s hard to go wrong with a John Grisham flick.  What I should have said was, “yes, let’s see that.”  But instead, I told him that I wanted to see Kill Bill.  Now, in my defense, I didn’t really know what Kill Bill was about.  The previews were kind of mysterious.  All I knew was that Uma Thurman was in it and Quentin Tarantino directed it.  What I expected was a sequel to Pulp Fiction–dark, perhaps, but with a good story.

Unfortunately, the film was just a tad violent.  Decapitations, blood spewing everywhere, limbs being cut off….sounds like a great first date, right?!  People were literally walking out of the theater.  I was mortified…my husband was cracking up–he could tell I was horrified at the movie…and the fact that I picked it.

On the ride home, we ended up laughing about what a ridiculous date movie it was.  My cheeks went back to hurting when he turned to me and said, “You know, the human body only holds about 10 pints of blood…wow, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say on a first date.” 

Nearly a decade later, any time I try to defend my awesome taste in movies to him, my husband only needs to say two little words: “Kill Bill”.

A New Movie Experience…

But despite my sometimes less than stellar selections, I really do absolutely love movies.  They can make you laugh till you cry, cry till you laugh.  There are classics that I could watch over and over: It’s a Wonderful Life, There’s Something About Mary, Life is Beautiful, The Departed, Bridesmaids….the list could go on and on.

And while I’ve seen countless movies in all kinds of genres, I realized that there was one that I had not ever experienced: 3-D.  For some reason, having to wear those stupid glasses never appealed to me and I didn’t really think that it would add much to the experience.  Turns out, I was wrong.

We’re members of the local zoo and go there all. the. time.  (Probably two or three times a month, you can find my family there exploring…it’s our go-to place assuming the weather isn’t horrible; it lets us spend the day outside together, while we get a little exercise and the kids are entertained without destroying our house.  Win, win, win!) The zoo has a 4-D theater…we never bothered with this since the kids were too little.  But this year, our 4-year old is ready to become a true movie lover–just like her mom!  So my little lady and I got tickets and our goofy glasses and sat down for our 4-D experience.

Enjoying my first 4-D movie with my 4 year old!

Enjoying my first 4-D movie with my 4 year old!

The “movie” was extremely short–only around 15 minutes long; however, we LOVED every second of it.  What’s 4-D, you ask?  Well, in addition to the 3-D experience where everything looks like it’s coming out of the screen at you, it also includes smell and feeling.  We saw Ice Age–it was adorable.  Dinosaurs looked like they were going to eat us, we were squirted with water when an animal blew his nose, our chairs bumped up and down when a character fell down a hill…it even rained bubbles throughout the theater.

As a movie lover, I’d have to get this experience five stars and two thumbs up!

I’ll admit Kill Bill may not have been the best choice for a first date, but I actually love that we saw it on ours…I guarantee neither one of us will ever forget that experience.  And sitting next to my daughter, holding her little hand while we laughed out loud at the 4-D movie, is another experience that I will always remember.  And that is why I love movies so much.

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