30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #20…Light in the Time of Darkness

In a time that is supposed to be centered around love, joy and happiness, today was instead filled with sadness, tears and senseless pain.  A shooting in Connecticut left nearly 30 people dead–mainly young children.  It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around this.  I start to think about the parents…hugging and kissing their little ones this morning as they dropped them off at school…never dreaming that it would be the last.  Coming home to a house and seeing empty beds.  Looking under their Christmas tree to the presents they won’t be able to see their children open.  As a mom, I just can’t bear to even think about it.  It’s too much.  It’s so wrong.

I have a very heavy heart.  Eyes full of tears.  Head full of questions.

But with this tragedy,  I think it’s even more important to remind ourselves of kindness.  To remember that while the world is full of bad…that it’s full of more good.   To focus on the light, even in the time of darkness.

So that’s what I’d like to do today…to share with you the power of giving, the effects of goodness and the proof that you have the ability to make the world a better place.

I started this challenge 20 days ago as just one person, but as I had hoped, it has indeed grown to something much more.  Already others have joined me…proof that giving is contagious, that people want to help others, are willing to sacrifice of themselves for someone else…oftentimes a complete stranger.  I want to share just a few examples of how Ruth is right–that love is chain, that starts with just one person.

  • After reading the post about my grandma and how her goal of feeding the world led her to bake cookies for the entire staff at her favorite restaurant, one of my friends, Holly, decided to bake cupcakes to the team at a local gas station.  No doubt she thrilled every single one of them.
  • My mom has completed an act of kindness every day as well–from giving apples to her favorite neighbor to giving a co-worker with little money a coupon to get a pair of pearl earrings for free for his wife…she has touched countless people.
  • One of my neighbors was inspired by my visit to the retirement home that she is now organizing an event for us to visit there as a group to sing Christmas carols.
  • When explaining my 30 Day Christmas Challenge to a co-worker, he said, “OK–it’s on!  I’m going to do the same thing.”  Later that day he stuck his head in my office and merely said, “Day 1 is complete.”  It’s been so much fun…bonding with someone because of kindness.

Tonight my husband and I cooked dinner for a friend who hasn’t been feeling well.  She gave me a big hug as I headed out her door as a thank you.  This is what I want to remember about tonight…that I was able to help a friend…that I made someone smile. This is what I am going to focus on.

However, today was a reminder to me…to make every day count, to hug my kids as much as I can, to kiss my husband every chance I get, to help a friend when they need it, to show the world kindness every opportunity that I can.

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