30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #15…The Real Hunger Games

There’s a question that I’m asked nearly every day that I dread: What do you want for dinner?  Ugh.  99% of the time my answer is the same, “I don’t care–whatever you want is fine with me.”  And so begins the afternoon ping-pong conversation between me and my hubs.

I do feel compelled before I go on with my story, to do just a little bit of bragging about my husband.  While I hate this daily ritual, I realize that I am extremely lucky…because his typical response back to me is, “Well, whatever you want, I’ll cook it for you…just let me know what that is.”  That’s right, I married well.  Not only does my husband do all the cooking in our house (and really good cooking at that), but he does all the dishes too.  Yes, I married very well.

So tonight was like most nights…no clue what was going to be on our menu.  We packed up the kids and headed to the grocery store hoping for some inspiration.  Soon our cart was filled with filet mignon, produce and wine.  It was going to be a good night.

But there was something else I wanted to add.  Over the holidays our local grocery store sells “Good Neighbor Bags”, a large paper bag pre-filled with $15 worth of food, basic staples that everyone needs…soup, pasta, canned veggies, crackers and more.  Once purchased, the store takes these bags to food pantries and homeless shelters in the area.  It’s a very easy way to help a fellow neighbor who really needs it.

Helping to make sure others have full bellies.

Helping to make sure others have full bellies.

Again, I know that I’m extremely lucky….not just because I have a husband who will cook to my heart’s desire, but because I can go to the grocery store and without a second thought, fill my cart with all the food that my family needs.  It’s so basic, but a luxury that not everyone has.

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