30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #12…The Easiest Act of Kindness

When I was in college, I worked at a restaurant as a waitress, picking up as many shifts as possible during the summer and holiday breaks in order to pay my way through school.   It was a fun job, but a tough one.  And any one who has worked in a restaurant knows there’s a question that you never want to be asked…”Can I see the manager?”  Read: I’m unhappy and need to complain.  Having experienced this first hand, my husband and I do our best to change this question from one that people hate, to one that people love.

Last night my husband and I enjoyed something that we rarely get…a night where we get to be a couple, not just parents.  Our date night started with dinner at our favorite restaurant–and it did not disappoint.  The food, the wine, the service…it was all amazing.  We were in a bit of a hurry, running late for our next stop.  But instead of just walking out of the door happy customers, it became my opportunity for kindness.

Before I left, I approached the man who was standing by the door and asked if he was the manager.  I instantly saw it…the look of fear and dread.  He assumed I was there to complain.  Part of me enjoyed this, tricking him just a little bit.  But his face soon changed and lit up when I started talking…

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how much we enjoyed dinner tonight.  The food was absolutely delicious and our waitress was incredible.  She was extremely friendly and made our dinner fantastic.”

The man smiled from ear to ear.  “Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this!”  I swear he said this to me no less than 5 times.

This was by far the easiest act of kindness that I’ve done so far in my challenge…but it was no less important.  Taking a moment to recognize when someone does a good job goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated.  Kindness doesn’t have to be difficult…sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.





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