30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #10…Hot Diggity Dog!

Besides my husband, there is another male that has my heart.  He’s affectionate, ready to give me kisses the moment he sees me.  He likes to cuddle.  He listens.  His name is Arthur and he’s my dog.

I adopted my little furry friend from an animal shelter over 10 years ago when he was just a 3 month old pup.   Apparently his original owner had health issues and wasn’t able to care for him.  It was hard for me to imagine someone leaving him at the shelter…he was so cute, so sweet…but I was glad that they did.   The instant that I looked into his puppy dog eyes, I fell in love.

Arthur--the sweetest dog in the world

Arthur–the sweetest dog in the world

In the early days, it was just the two of us.  I was single, living on my own and just starting my career.  Arthur made my house feel less empty, less lonely.  Then along came my husband…and then our two kids.  Now that we’re parents and have two little people running around our house, there are times when my husband and I feel guilty, hoping that our first “child” doesn’t feel neglected.  But that is the beauty of dogs…unconditional love.

And it’s this unconditional love that inspired my act of kindness for today.  This one was in honor of Arthur.

I’m hoping not to come off  like a Sarah Mclachlan commercial, but animals need love too.  There are so many great pets in shelters right now hoping that someone will come by and want to take them home.

So today I visited an animal shelter.  When I walked in the door, a volunteer greeted me in the lobby along with Lucy, one of the dogs there that is currently up for adoption.  She was adorable.  As I bent down to pet her, I started to think about Arthur and all the happiness he’s given to me and my entire family.  I genuinely hope that Lucy gets that same chance–to be a part of a family, to be loved.

I came to the shelter with a small gift–hot dogs!  The shelter uses them as treats for training.  I knew first hand that these were incredibly effective and one of a dog’s favorite things.  When Arthur was just a few months old, I enrolled him in “Puppy Kindergarten” for basic training.  I’m hoping not to come across as the “crazy dog lady”, but the class ended with a full graduation ceremony…including cap and gown.  Weird, maybe…but it was so darn cute!  And this is where Arthur developed his immense love of hot dogs.

Arthur graduated from "Puppy Kindergarten" with flying colors.

Arthur graduated from “Puppy Kindergarten” with flying colors.

My family’s big on showing love with food…and that’s what I tried to accomplish today.  I’m hoping I made some 4-legged souls very happy.

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