30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #9…It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

What Christmas is all about…

As an adult, you understand the true meaning of Christmas…love, generosity and compassion for others.  But as a child, Christmas is really about one thing: presents!  I remember growing up the feeling of pure, uncontrollable joy the moment my sisters and I would run down the stairs and see all the gifts that Santa delivered under our tree.   There were screams of excitement, shouts of happiness and huge smiles.  Within minutes the room would be filled with absolute chaos–opened boxes everywhere, pieces of wrapping paper ripped and scattered all over the floor and new toys piled high all around us.  You couldn’t even walk in the room.  It. was. awesome.

As a mom, this anticipation of Christmas morning fun has returned.  I love shopping for my kids’ toys, imagining their little faces beam when they opened their presents.   It’s truly Christmas magic.

So it’s really, really hard for me to accept that not everyone has these Norman Rockwell memories of Christmas morning.  That somewhere in the world, a little boy or girl wakes up and doesn’t have a single present to open.  It’s just not right.

And this is one of the reasons that I absolutely love my job.  As the Marketing Director, I get to manage a lot of cool projects…viral videos, interviews with TV stations, events with elaborate themes.  But the one I look forward to the most every year is managing my company’s Christmas program…and this year was no exception.

The magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas

Earlier in the year we started a partnership with Hannah’s Treasure Chest, a non-profit focused on helping underprivileged children.  Their “Giving Angels”  program will help over 1,500 kids in the Dayton area this Christmas.  And I was so proud of my company for being a part of it.  For several weeks we had nearly 100 ornaments hanging on our lobby Christmas tree, each with a Christmas wish for a child in need.

Today was the day I was waiting for.  All the gifts were due and were going to be picked up so they could be delivered to the families.  A group of co-workers and I gathered in a large conference room.   With Christmas carols playing in the background, we wrapped the gifts and were instantly in the holiday spirit.  With each present that I wrapped I started thinking about that child…hoping that they would feel the magic of Christmas when they opened it.

When we were done, I stepped back and looked at the Christmas tree, overflowing with presents.   I realized that had the same emotions as I did as a child…excitement, happiness, joy…but this time for a different reason.  This time it was knowing that I was able to make a difference…and give some children the very merry Christmas that they deserve.  And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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