30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #4…Hitting the 50 Cent Lottery

Let them have candy…

I do believe that sometimes it’s the littlest thing that can make someone’s day.  Today I’m hoping I can accomplish this goal with just 50 cents.

We’ve started a small tradition in our house.  Wednesday night = Skyline Chili night.  Why?  Those of you who have kids, likely know the answer.  Kids eat free Wednesday nights…and kids love hot dogs.  Enough said.  Walking out of the restaurant I noticed the small row of candy machines by the door…and then I got my idea for my act of kindness for the day.

I quickly reached in my purse and pulled out all the change I had…2 quarters.  I picked my two favorite candy machines and inserted the coins into each one…and left them there.

My hope is that a kid walking out of the restaurant later that night or sometime the next day would have a moment of pure joy and excitement when they realized that they scored free candy.  A small treasure…but to a child, it could  feel like hitting the lottery.

3 thoughts on “30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #4…Hitting the 50 Cent Lottery

  1. This reminded me of an act of kindness I benefitted from once. I used to work/park downtown. I would often realize 15 minutes too late that my meter was empty. On one of those days I sprinted outside to find a local church had filled it and left a card. Made a pretty big difference to a poor college kid like me. 😉

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